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When your trees are properly cared for, they provide beauty and shade for your property. Unfortunately, giving them the care they need isn't always easy. Tree trimming, pruning and other tree maintenance tasks are often difficult and dangerous for those who aren't properly trained.

Arbor Viking Tree Specialists LLC has the necessary skills to take on those tasks for you. We're proud to serve as your tree care company in the Beaverton & Portland, OR area. Our certified arborist will make sure your trees look great all year long.

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Tree Pruning Portland & Beaverton, OR

Tree Pruning

Keep your trees trimmed and healthy.

Tree Removal Portland & Beaverton, OR

Tree Removal

Safely remove dead or damaged trees.

Tree Maintenance Portland & Beaverton, OR

Tree Maintenance

Make sure your trees are properly maintained.

Tree Planting Portland & Beaverton, OR

Tree Planting

Replace old or diseased trees with new growth.

Tree Maintenance Portland & Beaverton, OR

Tree care is an important part of property maintenance

If your trees are allowed to grow uncontrolled, they can impact power lines, structures and even other trees. A diseased tree can drop limbs onto pedestrians and even fall on your home or car. To prevent this, you need to hire a certified arborist in Portland, OR. Our team can provide:

Don't wait until at tree falls on your property. Contact us for tree service today.

Tree safety and cleanup are our top priorities

The team at Arbor Viking Tree Specialists takes great pride in how we care for trees. Our certified arborist knows how to safely scale a tree and either trim or cut it down. Removing a tree yourself can be very dangerous. Our experts will handle all your tree maintenance safely and for a fair price.

Thanks to our cleanup crew, your yard will look like we were never there. Take advantage of our tree service in Beaverton & Portland, OR as soon as possible.